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Custom Made Jewellery

Our bespoke jewellery is very specially designed, measured and fitted to suit you. Every aspect of your piece will be made to your specification. All our items are handmade, and combine traditional methods with modern technology to get the best results possible. Our manufacturing jeweller is also happy to restore your precious antique piece of jewellery. They can also use your stones and gold to make a modern ring, while still maintaining a link to the past. Why not have that special piece of jewellery custom created just for you for your special day. We can custom design Wedding rings, engagement rings, matching wedding rings, earrings, necklaces and cufflinks for the entire wedding party. Also produced here in Adelaide is the superb range of PW Beck wedding rings. You will be inspired by the many ring designs available. Come in and browse their catalogue. We can obtain a quote and happy to order for you.


In store, you will find a comprehensive range of Portabella Jewellery for Ladies. They have an established a reputation based on excellent workmanship and innovative designs. Each piece is skillfully crafted using only the finest materials and embodies high standards of quality, beauty and design. We can also include a gemstone of your choice added to your selected design. We invite you to explore the world of Portabella.

Mark McAskill jewellery is an award-winning Adelaide based jewellery manufacturer of over 30 years. They have a stunning range of stone set jewellery of the highest quality with each stone hand selected and cut with precision. Mark McAskill are well regarded in creating unique quality pieces of Jewellery by master craftsmen including Rings, Pendants, Bangles & Wedding rings.


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